Podcasts for admissions recruiting… 3 MBA programs

Not nearly as many people listent to podcasts as read blogs but the number is growing… one projection says 10 million people by the end of this year.

With that in mind, I spent time today using Yahoo and Google search to roam through lists of professional schools to find out who was using this relatively young communications technology to provide a more alive experience for prospective law school, MBA, and medical school students. Results were slim but interesting.

MBA programs in the lead

MBA programs seem to be out in front. Nothing came back for law schools or medical schools where the admissions office was using podcasts to help recruit students. I suspect that with more time and more combinations of search words, more results might have come back to me. But check out these three examples at University of California – Berkeley, University of Notre Dame, and Stanford University. Mix and match what you find here for a good initial guide to a new way of speaking to potential new students.

University of California – Berkeley at  http://mba.haas.berkeley.edu/ 

University of Notre Dame at http://www.nd.edu/~mba/admissions/index1-podcast.shtml 

Stanford University at http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/mba/admission/more_resources.html 

News and lecture podcasts for business, law, and medicine

What did come back in relatively large numbers from schools of every type were podcasts of faculty presentations and class lectures. Most of these are intended for either internal use by current students or available as general news announcements for the media. Of course, podcasts like this make excellent connections for future students as well. Let’s hope that the admissions websites of these same business, law, and medical schools have clear connections to the podcasts.

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