“Distance learning” breaks out…

Writing this morning from the Gleacher Center at the University of Chicago, where 90+ people are exploring marketing communications in the online world at a conference by The Aslanian Group.

One of the surprising nuggets of information has been the popularity of “distance learning” as a frequently used keyword search term. That’s a relatively rare example of academic jargon moving out into common use.

You can check just how popular it is compared to terms like “online college degrees” by using the free Wordtracker tool at http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/

The results don’t just tell us that this is a good keyword term. Given the high popularity, consider using the term in your regular advertising efforts.

The term isn’t just popular as a key word. In a recent Customer Carewords survey of 5,000 people inquiring about online learning degree programs, “distance learning” received a much higher ranking than “online degrees.” Keywords bring people to your website and Carewords keep them there. This is a fine example of words that do both. More on Carewords at http://www.bobjohnsonconsulting.com/customercarewords.html

And so let’s celebrate and take advantage of the break out opportunity. The popularity of the distance learning term surprised people here. If you also thought it was an academic term to avoid in your marketing efforts, its time to reconsider.

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