Start your search marketing plan… with a good read

If you’re just starting to puzzle out what you might do to improve the “searchabiity” of your website pages, one of the better places to start is by reading Search Engine Optimization by Gradiva Couzin and Jennifer Grappone.

Reading the book and realizing just how tedious a process it is to review and remake your website for better search results is a great good thing. You’ll ask yourself a critical question: do I really need to do this? And the answer is: if you have good web traffic now, with people making the various conversions (completing inquiry forms and admissions applications, for instance) you want them to make, then you just might not need to spend the extended time it takes to truly move your website to a new search marketing level.

You don’t have to read the book to take advantage of the website that goes with it. Visit “Your SEO Plan” at and you’ll find information for the novice and the more experienced.

What does a website truly optimized for strong search marketing results look like? Here are two I’ve included as examples in my new presentation on search marketing (a short version for the Aslanian workshop next week and longer versions in July for the ACT and eduWeb conferences):

Try a Google search for “online college degrees” and note the only individual school that comes up in the top 5 results. The folks at Illinois Online indeed know how to do search marketing for top results in a very competitive arena. If you’d like similar results, you’re ready to start the process.

My guess is you’ll see some things you can start doing on your own website even before you read a book or visit a website.

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