Free keyword testing from Wordtracker…

If you haven’t yet discovered a new feature from Wordtracker, visit the “Free Keyword Suggestion Tool” at

Enter single keywords and you’ll get back a plethora of results for your entry and a long list of similar combinations. When you can’t quite decide how to label something at your website, go here and use the tool for an estimate of how many people are searching for your possibilities each day.

Yesterday, after lunch at the CCU Communication Officers Conference, three of us were discussing the relative popularity of “elementary education” and “teacher education” as possible labels for a website path at a particular college. None of us really had an especially educated guess about which one to use.

Wordtracker made it pretty clear which of those terms is in more common use:

  • Elementary education… estimate of 800 searches per day
  • Teacher education… estimate of 81 searches per day

That’s obviously quite a difference and strongly suggests which term is best used in the title tag for a page and for the primary heading on the page.

We also learned that “Special education teacher” was a relatively popular term, with an estimate of 222 searches a day.

Your results might not always be quite so definitive, but this is a quick and easy way to do an initial test.

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