Wikipedia… Search Marketing tips to edit your college entry

Wednesday morning today is final prep time before my Search Engine Marketing workshop this afternoon at the ACT Enrollment Planners Conference in Chicago. 

And so a quick note from today’s issue of Search Engine Land as I was checking the latest Search Marketing news.

“SEO Tips and Tactics from a Wikipedia Insider” is a column by a person who volunteers to review and revise inappropriate changes to Wikipedia content. The focus here is on changes made by the offices of political figures to remove unflattering references to them that were indeed based on true facts.

Two elements stand out from this report:

  • Changes were spotted quickly by the Wikipedia volunteer corps, in part because it was usually easy to see who made them.
  • Edits to remove the “bad” content and in some cases restore what had been changed were also made very quickly.

But that doesn’t mean that editors from college and universities (and political offices, for that matter) can’t play an active role in updating Wikipedia content and achieving stronger search engine visibility. The article gives 8 “white hat” tips on how to do that without getting yourself in trouble with Wikipedia.

Spend some worthwhile moments at for the details.

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