YouTube and more… best video for online marketing

Nancy Schwartz has posted a blog entry with summaries and links to the thoughts of several people involved in online marketing, including yours truly. You’ll find an interesting and valuable variety of thought here that will result in stronger video marketing in your communications mix.

The links are in her report on “How to Use Online Video to Strengthen Your Nonprofit Marketing Impact — Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants” 

Visit for the review.

Nancy notes that part of the discussion is about the value of amateur vs. professional videos in the marketing effort. I agree 100 percent with her assessment of this:

  • “There is an active debate what quality means, and adds, in online video. Some Carnival bloggers hold out for the authenticity of amateur video. My take — that amateur video will soon become tedious as the novelty of the medium erodes. Expectations for higher-end production values will begin to increase very quickly. I’ve watched this cycle before, most recently with blogging.”

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