Law school marketing… some new finds

This morning I’ve been getting ready to present the results and recommendations from my review of 12 law school websites that compete with a client of mine. As part of that process, I decided to take a quick look at the websites of the top 10 law schools rated most highly by US News & World Report. That seemed as good a place as any to search for online marketing elements worth sharing.

The overall results didn’t diminish my conclusion in an earlier post that law schools in general are not as marketing-oriented as other segments of higher education. At the graduate and professional level, MBA schools in particular have a much stronger marketing approach.

But here are some features worth visiting that stood out for me:

These features take obvious advantage of Web 2.0 communication capabilities, Soon, we can suspect, more schools will be adding similar features to help make the visit experience more productive.

And there’s nothing here that could not be adopted by other professional school websites as well.

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