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If you’ve been to one of my “Writing Right for the Web” sessions, you know that an example included in the SEO writing section is about the benefit of creating title tags on your web pages that include something specific about a particular release. Do that and search engines aren’t as likely to think that you only have one press release on your website.

Now I’ve just finished reading a blog post by “collegewebguy” about what you can do to increase the chances that online news services by Google and Yahoo might pick up your own releases. And that involves more steps to create a distinctive identity for each release that’s put online.

The post includes the important note that should motivate many people: well over half the population aged 18-29 looks online as their first source for news. And that percent is climbing for people between 30 and 64 as well. These days, if you aren’t careful when you take Newsweek or Time out of your mailbox, a light breeze will blow it away. That’s called “disappearing ad pages” and it has been happening for years now.

You’ll find valuable tips on how to maximize your releases for Google and Yahoo at and you can go on from there to delve deeper at the original sources if you want.

“CollegeWebGuy” is a web designer at University of Arkansas at Little Rock. 

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