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Down in Fort Worth, Susan Ragland recently started a new position as Web Content Editor at Tarrant County College. When she contacted me recently for a mini-bio to use with some on-campus writing sessions she’ll be doing, I asked her to send along a job description to include with those posted earlier. And so thanks to her for doing just that.

In addition to the job description, Susan reports that the specific responsibilities for the postion are still evolving. She works with another web person whose primary responsibility is on the technical side, although Susan has some technical experience as well. That seems a strong combination.

Here are some details for this Web Content Editor spot.

  • Collaborates with the director of public relations and marketing to ensure that website content related to the institution, its brand and marketing messages are maintained, updated, and evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Specific ativities include these:
    • Assisting the web master in project management for redeveloping the website and for acquiring a CMS.
    • Giving final approval in the work flow for new web pages.
    • Assisting web editors and authors among the faculty and staff in writing and editing content to achieve maximum usability and to maintain brand consistency.
  • Basic job requirements:
    • A bachelor’s degree, preferably in journalism, public relations, mass communications or marketing and 3 to 5 years writing and/or editing experience and knowledge of basic content management software.

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