Mobile Marketing… another iPhone boost

A long flight yesterday from Detroit to Santa Barbara for today’s “Writing Right for the Web” workshop at Fielding Graduate University was more than enough time to read Wall Street Journal and USA Today articles about the new iPhone coming in July.

No, the new iPhone by itself doesn’t herald the much anticipated break out of mobile marketing on smartphones throughout the land. But it certainly moves things in the right direction, starting with a much lower entry price point of $199. That’s a critical change.

Mobile Marketing Barriers

What’s been holding back mobile marketing? The price of the phone, the price of the data plan needed to take advantage of the capabilities, and the learning curve for the new capabilities. And, of course, the limited ability of relatively small smartphone screens to display most types of online advertising. The iPhone doesn’t remove all those barriers, but it keeps things moving in the right direction.

Change is coming. And the first step is just getting smartphones in the hands of more people. Today, something like 20 percent of people in the U.S. have them. That’s not nearly enough for a significant advance in mobile marketing. But that market penetration percent will continue to climb.

Details about the new iPhone capabilities are at

New Challenge for Google

And for an interesting article on the new challenges facing Google from smartphone expansion, see “Are Google, Yahoo the next dinosaurs” at 

One thing we can count on. Web marketing 5 years from now will be a much different game.

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