“Web editor” on Twitter from McCombs School…

Yesterday I was running through the marvelous list of 822 colleges and universities created at the DIOSA website by Heather Mansfield in search of dedicated alumni Twitter sites.

Way down near the end appeared the Twitter site for “Web Editor”… given my interest in anything with those two words in the title, I followed right along and found myself at Jason Molin’s Twitter location. Jason, it turns out, is a web editor working at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas. In my earlier review of professional school use of Twitter, the McCombs School was the “most robust” of those I wrote about.

If you’re interested in web writing and the evolution of online communications in higher education, follow Jason. And also follow his web link to the “Web Works” blog at McCombs that promotes the ongoing integration of social media into the communication mix at McCombs.

  • Don’t miss the interview on Twitter and Twitter training with Dave Wenger, communications director, and Tracy Mueller, Twitter account manager, and the list of Twitter tools they find most useful.

People at the business school can count themselves fortunate that the dean “gets it” and encourages everyone at the school to explore the possibilities. In a recent blog post, the dean noted that as newspapers diminish in importance, the need to use other channels grows in importance.

Put the Web Works blog on your list of regular reads and follow the “real world” evolution of Twitter as an important marketing element.

That’s all for now.

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