Search marketing and title tags… harvest the low hanging fruit

Check Title Tags to Improve Search Marketing Results

Just a few minutes ago a visit to the Traffic Resources website reminded me that there is low hanging fruit in the online higher education marketing world that isn’t being harvested.

On that page is a “daily poll” that’s been running since January: “What’s The Most Important SEO Element For Google Ranking For A Given Keyword?” Visitors select from 9 choices:

  • Title tag
  • Quality of inbound links
  • Quantity of inbound links
  • Link texts
  • Outbound links
  • Site structure
  • Overall keyword density
  • Unique content
  • Other

This isn’t the most popular poll on the planet. So far there have been 33 responses… 36.4% for quality of inbound links, 24.2% for title tag and not much for anything else. Despite the low poll number, the results are accurate: title tags on web pages are important.

Incomplete, Brief Title Tags Reduce Search Marketing Results

The poll flashed me back to a phone conversation this morning re online marketing capabilities and what one college might do to make them stronger. Some steps require time and money… but some don’t require nearly as much effort. One of those is improving the title tags, those key words that appear in the thin blue line at the top of my ME7 browser page.

In this case, the intro page for graduate programs clearly listed three degree programs in the main text area: business, engineering, health care. In the title tag space appeared only the words “Graduate Programs.” How easy it would be to just add the names of the three degree programs themselves: MBA – Engineering – Health Care.

We also did a quick test while we talked to see the results if we added the name of the college’s geographic area to a Google search… “MBA – Sahara Desert” to keep things anonymous. That turned up 8 paid “sponsored links” ads from schools interested in MBA leads from that region and the name of a competitor about 8 spots down on the organic list.

Based on that, the new title tag might read:

  • Graduate programs – MBA – Engineering – Health Care – Sahara Desert

And yes, there’s still room to add the name of the school although it isn’t likely as important a search element for new leads.

Quality of inbound links is important but that requires more time and energy to improve. Review the pages on your website and you’re likely to find more than a few title tag examples to enhance. Reach up and harvest that fruit.

Quick, Detailed, Inexpensive Search Marketing Page Reviews

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