Simmons College is creating a website for mobile devices…

Simmons College steps on the mobile marketing path

At long last, some people really do feel that 2009 is the year of mobile marketing. Of course, this isn’t the first year that people have said that. But with the continuing spread of smartphones, this year the prediction just might be coming true.

Julie Batten has a good review of the latest use of mobile devices to access websites in her recent ClickZ column. Right now about 35 percent of people with mobile phones access the web each day. That number will only grow.

And so that makes the effort by Simmons College noteworthy. Chad Mazzola is asking “members of the Simmons community” to “Help us design the Simmons mobile site” by completing an online survey. Questions are few… Simmons is asking whether people access the web from their phones at all, about iPhone vs. Blackberry for access (or any similar device), the frequency of access, and a few other elements.

Details are online now.

If you have an iPhone, a Blackberry or anything like them, access your website now. What’s the experience like?

Are you getting ready for a mobile version of your website?

If you’re interested in mobile marketing in general, visit Dave Marshall’s blog on that topic. Dave’s recently started a new company to provide mobile marketing software to higher education. Once you have a site prepared for mobile access, you’ll want to consider expanding recruitment communications to take advantage of mobile possibilities.

That’s all for now.


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