Tuition & costs… updates to Middlebury College as Link of the Week

Tuition and Costs… More on Middlebury College

Not long after sending today’s email to newsletter subscribers with Link of the Week selection of Middlebury College for the clear and forthright presentation of information about how the college was reacting to the financial crisis, came two emails adding new information that’s worth repeating here.

The first email was from Roland King, vice president for public affairs at NAICU, that expanded the Middlebury tale further:

  • “I salute your selection of Middlebury as your link of the week.  Across our nearly 1,000 members at NAICU, it’s at or near the top of those that “get it” in providing clear, candid, and believable communications to its constituents on difficult issues.
“In a couple of speeches I’ve given on communications over the past month, I’ve highlighted Middlebury Magazine’s winter issue which adopts the same approach to communicating with alumni and donors.  The special report in that issue on how the current economic climate is affecting the college is a candid and revealing account, that lays out simply and clearly where things stand with Middlebury’s endowment, where the college’s money comes from and how it’s spent, and a wonderfully honest and open interview with Middlebury’s chief financial officer.”

Miami University Weighs in from the Public Sector

Not long after came a second email from Claire Wagner, director of news and public information at Miami University. Claire wrote with a link to a special page created at Miami to update the University community on what’s happening there. 

Visit “Financial Factors Affecting Miami” and you’ll find 11 updates from the president and deans of each major administrative area since October 2008 including financial FAQs and a PowerPoint from a campus financial forum.

Thanks to Roland and Claire for adding more to the original Link of the Week information. And thanks to Middlebury president Ron Liebowitz and Miami president David Hodge for clear talk on the extraordinary challenge facing higher education today.

That’s all for now.


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