ACT Enrollment Planners Conference… quick notes

ACT Enrollment Planners Conference: Another Successful Year

About done at this year’s ACT Enrollment Planners Conference. In a tough year for conferences, this was the second highest regisration number in 24 years… a bit lower than last year, but quite strong overall, with more than 40 states represented. More nice work by Mike Hoveland and everyone else at ACT responsible for what has always been the best value-for-money enrollment-focused conference in higher education.

My updated 2009 workshop version of  “Student Recruitment in an Online World: Creating a Marketing Communications Plan in a World without Paper” drew 40+ people on Wednesday who were alive with questions and comments.

Points of special interest:

  • Two schools present have indeed ended their printed viewbooks: Indiana University and Suffolk University. I’ll be following up for more information on what’s happening at each place.
  • Just after showing a new website at Asuza Pacific University especially designed for access from mobile devices (the iPhone in this case), another person in the audience reported that Texas A&M has developed a similar site.

What strikes me in both cases is the very different types of universities leading the way in making these important moves. That reinforces the conviction I’ve had for years now that smart, innovative marketing moves are not related to any particular type of institution. What’s most important are the people at a particular school who have the insight and determination to change.

Sunday night I’ll turn around and fly back from Michigan to do the same workshop at eduWeb2009 on Monday. Will be interesting to see if any similar information surfaces then.

That’s all for now.

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