Customer Carewords… new clients recognizing the value

Customer Carewords Expanding Client Base

Despite the world-wide economic slowdown (or perhaps because of it), major firms and organizations are investing in Customer Carewords research to better plan web content: the words and phrases that visitors see when they first arrive at critical web pages and navigation that lets them find it as quickly as possible.

That reminds me of a recent financial news report that investments in technology often are the first things that take place as organizations seek more efficiency in their activities during a time of restricted sales. Websites remain the key hub of an online presence. It certainly makes sense to make them work as well as possible in an increasingly competitive environment.

Gerry McGovern’s partner update in July brought news of these new Carewords clients:

    • Top mobile phone company
    • City University, London
    • Major IT vendor
    • Swedish Television (SVT)

We’re also moving ahead with a new series of CCI (Customer Centric Index) surveys, here in the United States as well internationally. Gerry’s CCI webinar in June created interest from 12 to 25 U.S. colleges and universities that I’ll be contacting this week to schedule online surveys between now and September.

If you’d like to explore either the full Customer Carewords program or the CCI survey for your college or university, contact me at

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