WordPress for online magazines… 2 notable examples

Writing Right for the Web: Online Magazines in Blog Format

The discussion/debate continues among those responsible for website content: quite a few favor a “flip” technology solution to get printed publications online. Proponents note that creating a “flip” book from a print publication like an alumni magazine is easy to do. And some add that it replicates the original print design in the new online format.

Fortunately for people who actually might want to read online publications, there is another school of thought that says “flip” techniques create something that is just not reader friendly on a website.

Since my first “Writing Right for the Web” session about 4 years ago, I’ve taken a clear stand on this one: PDFs and flip techniques are an evil way to place things online if we really expect people to read them.

Alfred University, The Johns Hopkins University

And in that spirit, recognition should go to those who move in a different direction, Each of these examples uses blog software (WordPress in this case) to create an interesting, entertaining, and readable online magazine. 

You’ll note, of course, that these two universities are quite different in size and resources. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, is there not? 

Congratulations to the responsible people at Alfred and Johns Hopkins.

And if you have people on your campus interested in learning more about “Writing Right for the Web,” invite them to join you at my next webinar on December 8. Read the content outline and register soon.

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