Web writing… clear calls to action bring results

Web Writing… Direct Action Calls Increase Results

Web writing that includes a clear call to action brings more results than words that do not. Direct marketers have known for decades that when you tell people to do what you want them to do, more people will do it if they are at all inclined to take the step. Works online and everywhere else.

Gerry McGovern, Customer Carewords founder and partner, sent along another example of that this morning.

4 Steps to Increase Conversions from 4.7% to 12.81%

Dustin Curtis wrote on his blog about his success in gathering more Twitter followers with relatively slight but clear changes in the wording. Here are the various efforts and the improved conversion from various renditions:

    • “I’m on Twitter”… 4.7%
    • “Follow me on Twitter”… 7.31%
    • “You should follow me on Twitter”… 10.09%
    • “You should follow me on Twitter here”… 12.81%

Pretty clear results that will work for much more than Twitter followers. Note the boost from adding “here” to the list. While “here” isn’t needed in every text link, more marketers should use it when making specific calls to action like this. Create a right column web design that makes the call to action prominent on the page.

Carleton University Alumni Magazine Gets It Right

The Carleton University alumni magazine gets it right with a strong call to “Interact!” that’s highly visible in the right hand column of the online magazine. I’ve been including this in my “Writing Right for the Web” presentations for years. The Curtis results suggest that Carleton might benefit from a change to “Interact here!”

“Writing Right for the Web” in December 

I’ll be adding the Curtis example and more new content to my next “Writing Right for the Web” webinar with Academic Impressions on December 8. Review the content now and register right here.

That’s all for now.


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