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Web Editor and Content Coordinator at Ithaca College

Here are details from a new listing at Ithaca College for a Web Editor to work with admissions for the benefit of student recruitment efforts. With the increasing importance of online marketing to effective student recruitment, positions like this should increase in the future even in the face of restrictive budgets.

Rather a formidable activity list here.

Summary of the Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the day-to-day management of the Office of Admission website, portal-based recruitment environment (myIthaca), social media recruitment sites, and electronic marketing efforts directly related to undergraduate recruitment.
  • Maintain existing sites and develop content through creative writing and/or editing of copy, coordination of multimedia and inclusion of links, determination of information architecture, and proofreading and testing of all content.
  • Coordinate web marketing activities with other recruitment marketing strategies; direct student workers to create content for recruitment-related sites, online magazines, blogs, and social media networks; and manage College-owned social media communities.
  • Assist with measurement of core site traffic and other web analytics.

Selection of “Specific Responsibilities”

  • Research, write, edit, structure, update, and maintain the College’s undergraduate admission website, myIthaca portal site, and other marketing efforts including e-mail campaigns, web-based magazines, and e-newsletters.
  • Develop content through the creative writing and editing of copy; ensure proper communication with appropriate personnel to review the web publications for content, design, layout, and usability.
  • Develop and assist in the creation of multimedia content for the website and other electronic marketing efforts, working with internal staff and third-party vendors, as needed.
  • Coordinate internal staffing, facilitate community development, and moderate the College’s accepted student social networking community, IC Peers.
  • Keep abreast of social media market trends, new tools, and technologies for social media in higher education recruitment.
  • Keep informed about best practices in recruitment web marketing, and assist with measurement of site traffic and other essential web analytics.
  • Write and edit online copy for clarity, grammatical correctness, and consistency with Ithaca College’s style guides.
  • Proofread and ensure that all corrections, updates, and changes are incorporated into the final site. Maintain and update content on selected sites as needed.
  • Work with the other web and print writer/editors in the marketing communications office to ensure accuracy and timeliness of content for both electronic and print publications.  

Salary Range: $42,000 to $47,000   

For now, there’s more information about the position at the job announcement page

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