Mobile marketing and web analytics… what’s happening in 2010?

Mobile Marketing and Web Access: Tracking the Trend in 2010

Do you know how many new visitors to your admissions pages arrived from a mobile device last year? And how that number might be changing this year?

If you’re using Google Analytics on your website, that’s easy to watch. And the results from a recent client review suggest that you should be watching this year. Various gurus and evangelists have been declaring “The Year of Mobile Marketing” since at least 2004. They just might be right about 2010.

Here’s the change noted from the last quarter 2009 to February of 2010:

  • For the last three months of 2009, 996 new visitors came from a mobile device. The iPhone was well out in front as the most popular device, followed at considerable distance by iPods. The new Android phones were about half as popular as iPods and Blackberry came along next.
  • In the month of February alone, 459 new visitors were using mobile devices, or 1.9 percent of all new visitors to the admissions pages. The iPhone was still well in front of everything else as the vehicle of choice: 284 new visitors were using it. Nothing had changed in the order of the next three.

The February count still represents less than 2 percent of all new visitors that month. So it is safe to say that mobile access is not yet a major factor for this client. On the other hand, the increase sends a signal that this is something to watch over the next six months. That’s an easy, no-cost way to get objective data on how the “Year of Mobile 2010” is going for you.

Compare Bounce Rates for Mobile and Regular Access

For those new to the world of analytics, “bounce rate” is the percent of visitors who start at a page on your website and leave that page without going anywhere else on your site. In nearly all cases, admissions people don’t want new visitors to do that. Bounce rates above 35 percent are cause for concern.

  • On Google Analytics, first check the overall bounce rate for new visitors. In the “Visitors” section, open the tap for “Mobile” and have a look at “Mobile Devices.”
  • In the data that results, you’ll find the bounce rate for people using mobile devices together with the average bounce rate for the entire website.
  • If the bounce rate for mobile is significantly higher than the other, your site is not working well for visitors using iPhones and other mobile devices.

Mobile Tracking in 2010

Start tracking today. Set the base mark for 2009 from the data you have for that year. Take a peek at what’s been happening so far this year. Get ready to make a quarterly report in April on any changes you find as 2010 unfolds. Keep those quarterly reports coming to help you decide: “Do I need to create ‘mobile ready’ website pages to make a better first impression on new visitors?”

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