Taglines in Higher Education… Important for your brand?

Higher Education Tag Lines: Does your brand really need one?

A friend forwarded to me an RFP recently posted in a CASE listserv. Among a variety of marketing communication and research items included was development of a new “marketing tagline.”

The RFP nicely set out the tagline dilemma: “We have not identified a marketing tagline that both resonates with our intended audience(s) and enjoys support from campus constituents.”

Mission impossible? You’ll easily find more than one marketing communications firm happy to take your money and guide you on your quest.

My personal opinion is that the time, energy, and resources spent developing tag lines far exceeds the marketing rewards reaped from them. Most higher education taglines don’t say anything meaningful to potential students about the schools that use them. Exceptions exist, but not many.

After scanning the RFP, I filed the email away. Reading the April 18 Education Life quarterly supplement from The New York Times brought the RFP back to life. What, I wondered, were the taglines used in the print ads from various schools?

Play This Tagline Game

And so here is an invitation to play a game in two parts: 

    • Read the list below. Imagine what college or university (or even type of college or university) might fit behind the taglines. Then click on your favorites and see where you end up.
    • When you arrive at each home page, do an exercise in integrated marketing: see how long it takes you to find the tag line. Hint: sometime is it quite obvious, sometimes you won’t find it at all.

Here are 8 taglines from the Sunday supplement.

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  1. I agree 100%, the online education world has completely changed the game for everyone and it seems like the “for profits” understand this more than the tradtional. As usual great post!
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