Social Media alumni magazine… University of Chicago is everywhere

Social Media Empire: University of Chicago Magazine is (Almost) Everywhere

Regular readers know that I’ve long featured the University of Chicago’s alumni magazine as an early and excellent example of moving a print publication to online status without using a PDF format or some form of “flip” technology. It has been included in every presentaton of “Writing Right for the Web” for at least 3 years.

The May-June issue of the magazine is online now.

When you visit, you’ll likely see entry points at the bottom of the front page to the social media world. The magazine isn’t only online at a traditional website, it has extended itself into Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube.

Check each one to get the full flavor of how the magazine is integrating itself into the social media world:

And how about the social media giant at Facebook?

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In the Future?

Is there an app for this? I haven’t asked directly but let’s not be surprised to find an app for University of Chicago coming for the iPad and similar mobile devices in the future if they continue to grow in popularity.

Stay tuned.

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