45 Higher Education Mobile Website Links…

Mobile Websites for Higher Education… 45 to Explore

My eyes are open for all things mobile these days as I prepare for three upcoming mobile marketing workshops in July (ACT Enrollment Planners Conference and eduWeb2010) and November at the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education.

This morning I was especially happy to get an email from the “University and College Webmasters” listserv sent by Jon Wilcox, web development specialist at Angelo State University, with this list of 45 links to higher education mobile websites. (A June 11 update: after my post, Jon wrote to note that he did not compile this list but did not remember who had done the work. But Michael Bazeley at the UC Berkeley School of Law did remember: thanks go to Andrew Harris at University of Melbourne.)

This quick blog post is for anyone else who might be looking for higher education examples. I’ve added the names of the schools for faster scanning to find your friends and competitors, but otherwise kept the list in the same order as received. I’ve not visited every site here so you might find a link or two that isn’t working.

And of course not every school with a mobile site is listed here.

Happy exploring!

http://m.unimelb.edu.au/  University of Melbourne
http://mobile.edna.edu.au/edna/mobile/index.jsp Education Network Australia
http://m.curtin.edu.au/ Curtin University of Technology
http://m.swinburne.edu.au/ Swinburne University
http://mobile.anu.edu.au/ The Australian National University
http://m.library.vu.edu.au/ Victoria University Library Mobile Catalog
http://m.library.deakin.edu.au/ Deakin University Library Catalog
http://mobile.wintec.ac.nz/ Waikato Institute of Technology
http://www.mobile.vt.edu/ Virginia Tech
https://mobile.fccj.edu/ Florida State College at Jacksonville
http://mobile.csuniv.edu/ Charleston Southern University
http://mobile.virginia.edu/ University of Virginia
http://mobile.usc.edu/ University of Southern California
http://mobile.parsons.edu/weekness/ Parsons The New School for Design
http://mobile.tc3.edu/ Tomkins Cortland Community College
http://mobile.utexas.edu/ University of Texas
http://mobile.edison.edu/ Edison State College
https://mobile.ctuonline.edu/ Colorado Technical University
http://mobile.dts.edu/ Dallas Theological Seminary
https://mobile.aiuonline.edu/ American Intercontinental University
http://mobile.nvcc.edu/soc/default.aspx Link not working when visited
http://m.ua.edu/  << very nice!… note from Jon and I agree… University of Alabama 
http://m.iu.edu/ Indiana University
http://m.wayne.edu/ Wayne State University
http://m.stmarytx.edu/ St. Mary’s University
http://m.uiowa.edu/ University of Iowa
http://m.duke.edu/ Duke University
http://m.shu.edu/ Seton Hall University
http://m.roanoke.edu/ Roanoke College
http://i.roanoke.edu/ Roanoke College
http://m.kean.edu/ Kean University
http://m.uw.edu/ University of Washington
http://m.johnshopkins.edu/ The Johns Hopkins University
http://m.umsystem.edu/ University of Missouri System
http://m.tamu.edu/ Texas A&M University
http://m.fiu.edu/ Florida International University
http://m.usfca.edu/ University of San Francisco
http://m.remingtoncollege.edu/Remington_College Remington College
http://m.uiowa.edu/home/ University of Iowa
http://m.ucsd.edu/ University of California San Diego
http://iphone.ucsd.edu/ University of California San Diego
http://iphone.insead.edu/ INSEAD School of Business
http://iphone.ucsd.edu/features/courses.html University of California San Diego
http://mobile.mit.edu/ Massachusetts Institute of Technology
http://iphone.stanford.edu/ Stanford University

That’s all for now 



  1. Great post Bob,
    I think that list will probably triple by this time next year. Its very interesting how students are finding things these days, including the iphone!
    if you are interested in reading more about marketing for higher ed or business, please see

  2. This is great, Bob. Prospective and current students are a hard to reach audience. Mobile Web sites help. Texting (99% of phones can text) is also a great way. Two of our clients (St. Mary’s University (TX) and St. John Fisher College are experiencing success with targeted text messaging for prospective students. I have a blog dedicated to how colleges and universities effectively incorporate texting into their multichannel communication mix:

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