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Mobile Marketing: Register for the No-Cost Sept 22 AMA Virtual Event for Higher Ed

Yesterday was the “finish day” for my September mobile marketing presentation at the American Marketing Association’s virtual spectacular: “Getting to the Core of Social Media & Mobile Marketing for Higher Ed Institutions.” We are recording this in advance next week as I’ll be flying back from Dublin and our annual Customer Carewords partners meeting on the AMA date.

My time share is 45 minutes… so it was quite fun revisiting the mobile marketing workshop for eduWeb2010 and reducing that 3-hour session to fit the reduced time. ‘Tis done and time to share thoughts from the shrinking and updating process.

Here are some things that stand out:

  • The question of mobile apps vs. mobile sites is misleading. Fact is, a complete mobile marketing plan will likely have both elements. But if you can only do one, better to create a mobile-friendly site similar to what the College of Charleston has done. Search for C of C from your favorite mobile device (I used an iPhone) and enjoy the mobile friendly results. Or just enter the regular URL ( and the website will sniff out that you are using a mobile device and switch you into the mobile site.
  • I came across a video interiew with Jakob Nielsen that is well worth watching. Nielsen makes a point that’s especially worth remembering: some tasks just are not suited to the mobile environment. He believes in-depth product searches and complicated financial transactions are best done on regular websites accessed from regular computers.
  • The Nielsen note is important for higher education. You can, for instance, build an easy-to-find list of your academic programs for mobile access (right from the C of C mobile home page) but at some point you’ll be tempted to link back to your regular website for complete information. At that point, mobile usability will plunge.
  • Simplicity is key to mobile-friendly form completion. I use a webinar example from Kettering University for an inquiry from a potential student: all that’s needed is an email address.
  • Finding higher education examples of “mobile for advancement” tasks isn’t easy, although I haven’t yet checked to see if College of Charleston has included any on its new site. I did find one example: an offer to alumni to sign for text message updates for athletic events at MidAmerica Nazrene University.

That’s enough on mobile marketing for today.

When you visit the AMA site to register, you’ll see another mobile presentation from Kim Dushinski, author of the Mobile Marketing Handbook. I recommend visiting her website and signing up for Kim’s regular mobile marketing updates.

Mobile Marketing Presentation on SlideShare

The eduWeb2010 version of my mobile marketing workshop, “Mobile in the Marketing Mix: Crafting a New Communications Strategy,” is online now at SlideShare.

Mobile Marketing with the American Marketing Association: September 22

Register for “Getting to the Core of of Social Media and Mobile Marketing for Higher Ed Institutions” virtual event.

That’s all for now 


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