Student recruitment… “green grass” in the U.S. for Canada?

Recruiting U.S. Students to a Canadian University

Queens University in Kingston, Ontario is engaged in creating an academic plan.

Several months ago a faculty team was asked by the Principal of the university to submit a comprehensive set of recommendations. The team did that on August 23 in a document titled “Imagining the Future: Toward an Academic Plan for Queen’s University.” The report is available as a PDF.

The entire report makes interesting reading. Since my work last year with Macquarie University on their website for international student recruitment, I’ve continued a special interest in “internationlization,” or the process of building an international presence both on the home campus and in various international activities outside the home country.

According to “Imagining the Future…,” Queen’s University would benefit from a higher enrollment from international students. Nothing surprising in that. Indeed, many Canadian universities have been focusing more on international students. The report recommends ( see p. 29) “increased recruitment from the American market, particularly in the Northeast.”

Dartmouth and Middlebury as Examples

What caught my attention here was a specific reference to two U.S. institutions as models of the type of students Queen’s might seek to attract, in part because of a substantial difference in the tuition/room/board costs. The faculty authors recommended special attention to students who might attend schools like these:

  • Dartmouth College with a combined cost of USD$49,900.
  • Middlebury College with a combined cost of USD$52,120.

Queen’s University, by comparison, has a combined cost of approximately CDN$27,289 this year for international students.

Will we see Queen’s University advertising soon in the Boston media market and other Northeastern locations? Is the price differential indeed enough to spark interest in crossing the border?

Keep an eye open. Especially if you are a private college or university that enrolls students with academic profiles similar to those at Dartmouth and Middlebury.

International Student Recruitmet Websites

For examples of strong website features for international student recruitment, see my presentation at the 2010 ACT Enrollment Planners Conference.

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