Web Writing… 4 New University Magazine Examples

Web Writing: Examples of web content done “right for the web”

Something marvelous happened yesterday on the University Web Developers listserv.

Daniel Manson asked for this advice: “Anyone got a great digital version of your magazine online and wouldn’t mind sharing what you used to create it? I’m looking for a solution that would be role based with editors, designers and so forth.”

The result? Recommendations for the university magazines listed here. What’s marvelous? Nobody sent an example of a magazine placed online as a PDF or using some form of “flip” technology.

4 Reader-Friendly Online Magazines

Here are the magazines recommended by listserv members:

Everyone will have their favorites here. But each of these is done “right for the web” and far easier to read than “flip tech” or PDF versions.

Regular readers and anyone who has every attended one of my on-campus, webinar, or conference presentations of “Writing Right for the Web” will know that I’ve been crusading to eradicate PDF and flip tech as a vehicle for getting publications online. It really was a pleasure to open each response and find these examples.

For more on the topic check my earlier examples of magazines done with WordPress and compare 5 examples of “flip” publications with 6 “web friendly” examples from July 2009.

Civilization is indeed advancing.

Web Writing Webinars in November and December

If making your web visitors happier with their experience on your website, register for my upcoming webinars with Academic Impressions on November 18 and December 9. The first webinar covers traditional websites, the second moves to social media and mobile sites.

Check the outline for “Writing Right for the Web: Social Media, Mobile, and Traditional Sites.”

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