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11 University Magazines Using Twitter to Update Followers

December’s upcoming “Writing Right for the Web” webinar with Academic Impressions will focus on the social media and mobile worlds. That’s brought my attention back to higher education magazines to review how active they are in these communication channels.

Today’s update focuses on magazines with accounts on Twitter. We’ll follow along with notes on Facebook and mobile later.

On my Twitter account I’m keeping a list of higher education magazines to follow. So far I’ve got 11 examples. Most are alumni magazines or general university publications. One is a student magazine for University of Glasgow and another at Suffolk University is from the College of Arts and Science.

Here’s the list with link to their Twitter accounts so you can follow along with me:

For sure I’ve not got a complete list here. If anyone reading this has an addition, tell us in a comment and/or send to me at

Chicago, Harvard lead in tweets and followers

Without doing an exact check of tweet frequency yet, Twitter activity varies quite a bit. The total tweet leader is the University of Chicago, with 4,339 tweets to 1,742 followers as I’m typing this today.

Harvard Magazine has a strong 5,976 lead in followers.

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