Writing Right for the Web… new 2-day workshop in San Diego

Writing Right for the Web: Fix the Horrors or Lose Your Audience

In this era of online communication, “Writing Right” is my most valuable marketing presentation. 
    • If you don’t “Write Right for the Web,” other elements of your content strategy will fail. Common website horrors (dense copy blocks, complicated sentences, PDF and “flip” publications, over-sized photos and more) will destroy your marketing effectiveness.
Since 2007 I’ve been presenting “Writing Right for the Web” webinars with my friends at Academic Impressions in Denver. More than 400 colleges and universities have participated.
And I’ve been doing on-campus workshops on “Writing Right for the Web” for content creators and content stewards since starting at University of Missouri in 2006. The last was at East Stroudsburg University in February. The next one is set for August at University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

San Diego: 2-day “Writing Right for the Web” event with an SEO Extra
This year in July something new is coming your way. Sponsored by Academic Impressions, we’re offering an in-depth 2-day extended version of “Writing Right,” including an extra optional session on writing to increase search engine visibility.
I’m excited. We’ll have time to slow the pace, exchange challenges and solutions among everyone attending, and work together on practical exercises.
Content strategy isn’t just about getting the right content. Equally important is the craft of presenting that content to engage impatient visitors in the first 5 seconds after they land on a page at your site.
In this mobile era when more people are visiting your website from smartphones, you have even less room for error on that tiny screen.
Check the full agenda and send a team to San Diego. Return home with new skills and new enthusiasm for improving the content on your website. Impatient web visitors will love you.
Online: “Writing Right” Webinars May 19 and May 26
Webinars offer a cost-efficient, fast-paced 90-minute review of the most important elements in preparing content for website engagement, complete with “best practice” examples from higher education websites.
Every question is answered in writing after the event, often with links to even more information. The result: you teach me something new at every webinar that gets added as an update to the next version.
My next “Writing Right for the Web” webinars are May 19 and May 26. Register for one or both of the two sessions that focus (1) writing for traditional websites and (2) writing for social media and mobile sites.
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