Pell Grants… the student recruitment quest continues

Pell Grants and Student Recruitment: The $5,550 offer campaign continues

Pell Grant enticement as a recruitment tool was the topic of my blog post last Friday. I had received three notices that I was pre-qualified for one of a limited number of $5,550 Pell Grants in just a few days. Lead generators were hot about their business.

Since then I’ve received two more notices (dates as included in the email):
  • December 21… similar to the first three.
  • December 23… a “Second Notice” reminder from one of the original senders about “Your $5,550 Pell Grant.”
Here’s the “second notice effort” (and yes, this is the original font size and spacing):

Re: 2nd Prequalification Notice

Attention Yahoo!Mail User:


The US Government gives out MILLIONS of DOLLARS worth of $5,550 

Pell Grants

 each year. The Best Part: You NEVER have to pay them back!

This is an AMAZING opportunity to change your life! Please apply immediately 

as there is a limited number of these $5,550 Grants given out each year.

Easier to Cancel Future Emails

The earlier emails had “unsubscribe” information in small type toward the end of the email. This one did a better job, with a visible link to unsubscribe just after the email message.

Do You Know Where Your Lead Generator is Today?

A thought comes to mind. Do the colleges that use services like this to generate and screen initial responses before sending them on to their clients know about these campaigns in advance?

New Department of Education regulations just might make colleges and universities liable for advertising activities done on their behalf by third party companies. More on that later. For now, see the review of the regulation provided to members by the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities in October in PDF format, “The Misrepresentation Rule and Third-Party Vendors.”

That’s all for now.

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