Your Higher Education Marketing Newsletter… January 2012

Greetings in the new year to everyone, here in the U.S. and around the

This first 2012 newsletter includes several items on the best of
2011 and predictions about what to expect in the coming year, from 32 words PR
writers should avoid to 30 social media predictions “from the pros” to a new MIT
effort to increase the value of its free online course offerings. The usual
eclectic mix of topics included here will continue.

As always, I hope to
meet many of you at conferences this year. At the end of the newsletter you can
find recommended events in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, and Boston.

And now, here are your marketing news and notes for January 2012. Happy
New Year!
Highest Student Loan Debt
in 2010: The Top 10 Schools

Huffington Post has created one of those
lists that nobody wants to be on, especially in a time of increased concern over
the cost of higher education. This Top 10 list for a 4-year degree starts with
Eastern Nazarene University at an average of $51,336 and ends with Bard College
at $44,910.

Three of the 10 are in Massachusetts. See if your competitors
are on the list that starts at

Lowest Student Loan Debt in 2010:
The Top 10 Schools

The Huffington Post people are also highlighting
10 schools with the lowest loan debt levels for a 4-year degree. This list opens
with Alice Lloyd College at a $3,108 average and closes with Cameron University
at $7,200. One Ivy League university is on the list at $4,385.

See 10 low
debt schools, including the only public university included, at

30 Social Media Predictions for 2012
“From the Pros”

Start your social media new year by reviewing the
predictions of 30 experts gathered by Social Media Examiner.

Hard to pick
a favorite, but mine just might be Number 8, Regularly Creating Unique Content
Becomes Essential. Three predictions focus on a more important role for YouTube
and two speak to a revitalization of email.

Pick the ones that will best
keep your social media strategy alive and well at

Digital and Print: How Newspapers
Might Survive

Almost everyone believes that print will survive in the
marketing mix, and perhaps it will do that. What is less certain is how that
survival will take place.

For one view of the future of newspapers, read
the thoughts of John Paton, a key industry person who started as a copy aide
with The Toronto Sun in 1977.

In a nutshell, Paton believes the industry
has to “stop listening to newspaper people” searching for how to revive print
and move to digital as rapidly as possible in light of continuing drops in
revenue from print operations.

The NY Times reports more on his views at

Best Publication Conversions to iPad
in 2011

If print publications are fading, the tablet environment
might be the best place for newspapers and magazines to thrive in the digital

AdAge highlights 10 newspapers and magazines that it believes have
made noteworthy migrations to the iPad platform. Check the list at

To see how universities are
adapting view books to the tablet format, download these examples to your iPad:
University of Dayton at and Salve Regina University at and University of Chicago at

MIT: A Significant Marketing

MIT has been offering free online course materials (for more
than 2,000 courses) for about 10 years now in a unique form of self-study. To
date, no formal recognition for taking these courses has been

Now, reports the Chronicle of Higher Education, MIT will
introduce in the spring certificates that acknowledge course completion.
Certificates will incur a cost, but nothing near the price of tuition for a
student registered for an MIT degree. People will still have the option to study
without seeking a certificate.

Is this a significant development in the
higher education marketplace? Absolutely.

Read more about the future
emerging in a time of cost concern at

32 Words PR Writers Should

Resolutions are not my thing, but we should all resolve to read
through this list from Tom Gable and ban as many of these words and phrases as
we can from our writing in 2012.

Some of my favorites: cutting edge,
outside the box, state-of-the-art, and synergy.

Tom presents these as the
favorites of lazy PR writers. See how many you agree with at

Mobile Marketing: The Outlook for

Mobile Marketing has issued a 43 page PDF with an eclectic range
of comments, observations, and predictions for the upcoming year.

Usefulness will vary with the extent of your knowledge and experience
with mobile marketing, but I suspect that everyone will find something of
interest as you scan the 22 topics on the contents page. Read a summary of the
report, including notes on platform fragmentation, texting, and social media,
and download the full document at

$5,550 Pell Grant Eligibility to
Entice Email Click Through

A flurry of emails arrived in my mailbox
in December built around the theme that as a U.S. citizen I was prequalified to
receive a $5,550 Pell Grant. The goal was to get me to click on a link and
arrive at a landing page built by a lead generator.

The Pell Grant offer?
That was not mentioned again. This, I submit, is the type of marketing that does
not give higher education a good name.

To see the email offer itself,
the 10 qualifying questions asked after I got to the landing page, and the four
schools recommended after that, visit

Big-Time College Sports: Is
Immunity Weakening?

Is public scrutiny of higher education sports
programs going to increase in 2012?

Penn State got the most attention in
2011, but a Bloomberg Business Week article in December reminded us of Ohio
State’s football coaching fiasco as well, including the university president’s
comment that he hoped the football coach was not going to fire him. References
are made to head coaching situations at other major universities.

Bloomberg article by Al Hunt calls for a government intervention to restore
accountability. Absent that, he is not optimistic about serious change. Review
his reasoning at

Conferences and Webinars in

Attend a conference in 2012 to share questions and answers with
people who are building a competitive advantage in higher education

Thanks again to everyone who attended a presentation in 2011
and enlivened and enlightened a session with your questions and

May 8-10, Philadelphia: J.BoyePhiladelphia12 Web and Intranet
Conference. Sessions and registration at

May 24-25, Atlanta:
Academic Impressions Conference: “Writing Right for the Web: Improving Your
Content.” Program content and registration at

July 11-13, Chicago: ACT
Enrollment Planners Conference. Visit the conference website at

July 30-August 1, Boston:
eduWeb2012. Conference website is at

Expand the marketing skills
of people on your campus. Host a campus workshop on any of the conference topics
listed here.

Contact me at
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Be a marketing champion on your campus.

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