Digital marketing strategy… 5 questions from my workshop preparations

Digital marketing… deciding what’s “necessary” to know and what’s only “nice”

“Digital marketing” is on my mind this week as I continue my search to select the best content for a series of workshops this year on digital marketing strategy. The first edition, so to speak, is set as a half-day tutorial at the J.Boye Web and Intranet Conference in Philadelphia in May.

I still have work to do in separating what’s “nice” from what’s “necessary” to get the best value for the two to three hour sessions coming up. Finding stuff to review certainly is not a problem. Today I’m going to share a few unconnected quotes and facts that stand out so far.
Is it digital marketing or not?
  • “We don’t believe in digital marketing. We believe in marketing in a digital world and there’s a huge difference.” Clive Sirken, CMO, Kimberly-Clarke, March 2012

Is SXSW conference a “media zoo”?

  • “It’s a place where the question is always “what’s next” and one has the impression of meandering hordes traipsing the streets of Austin searching for answers to a confusing and ever-evolving media landscape.” Jake Coyle, AP reporter
Why do numbers count in social media?
  • Most people “follow” and “like” brands to listen, not to engage in conversation. The folks at Groundswell have known this for years. Too many social media “experts” don’t.
  • Numbers are not everything but numbers do count. The more people listening, the better.
Is Facebook a place for sales?
  • Not really. That’s why JCPenny, Nordstrom, the Gap and others are abandoning Facebook pages created to sell product.
  • Facebook can be a place for cultivation. Burberry has done fine using a Facebook page to move people along to a regular website.
Are there too many “content strategists”?
  • Most online content campaigns are “terrible.” That’s the opinion of Kyle Monson, content strategy director at JWT. 
  • He blames that in part on too many self-proclaimed “content strategists” who don’t understand marketing.
Those are just 5 of the items that are included in the workshop now. And I rather suspect that answers to the questions will differ more than a bit. But that’s what makes these sessions valuable and fun, is it not?

New “Writing Right for the Web” Conference in May

The second 2-day “Writing Right for the Web” conference is happening May 24-25 in Atlanta. We’ll explore in depth not only “writing right” on traditional websites, but for social media and mobile sites as well.

Check the conference details and register to join us in May.

That’s all for now. 

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