Student recruitment… 6 blessedly brief inquiry forms

Inquiry forms for student recruitment… Brief is Best

Not long ago I asked subscribers to “Your Higher Education Marketing Newsletter” to send me links to inquiry forms that were quick and simple to complete as part of my ongoing series on how colleges and universities use inquiry forms and respond to those who complete them.

People at several schools were kind enough to send links to forms that deserve close scrutiny by anyone who wants to increase the number of people who make an online inquiry. Never forget… the longer the form, the fewer the people who will complete it. And so in addition to a short form, best to let people see the entire form when the inquiry page opens so that they will know immediately that it won’t take long to complete.
With no further ado, here are links to forms worth a visit.

Regis University… Career Advancement in Accounting

Cedarville University… Request Information on the Admissions entry page
The City University of New York, School of Professional Studies… Connect with SPS 
Here is another that I just found this morning at Gannon University while doing a final review for my ACT EPC conference presentation this morning.
Gannon University… Request for Information for an Online MBA
You’ll notice of course that most of these are for graduate or continuing education offerings. The Cedarville University form right on the admissions entry page (you can’t get much more visible than that) is an exception as is the Creighton University form included in the first post in this series.
That’s all for now.

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