Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Boston University

Video & News Content to Engage Professional School Visitors: Boston University School of Public Health

Today’s Link of the Week selection replaces the common top-of-the-page rotating collection of photo or video presentations with introductory images of 2 video and 4 news options when the page opens. Run your cursor over each one for a short summary of what’s behind each image and pick your favorite to watch.
Using the rotating image approach has always seemed like a bit of a crap shoot to me. Yes, a new visitor might see something of interest. On the other hand, maybe not. That’s a risky game to play for such an important first impression opportunity.
This alternative passes the critical 5-second scan rule. You’ll see each image in less than 5 seconds and it won’t take you much longer than that to see what each one is about if you don’t go immediately to a single selection.
The presentation behind the links might be better. One video is more than 6 minutes long. A news story would benefit from subheads to scan when the page opens. 
For an unusual opening to a professional school home page, visit the Boston University School of Public Health.
Bob Johnson
P.S. This Link of the Week is on the blog rather than the usual website page. Connections to edit my website have been broken for over a week and I’ve yet to have a response from the firm that operates my web editing software. Less than impressive service, for sure.

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