For-Profit Universities Exploring their Brand Strength…

Measuring Brand Strength of 7 For-Profit Universities

Here’s a confession that will not surprise most of my friends… I’m a survey junkie. 

Call me on the phone, send me something by regular mail or email and I’ll complete your survey. And so I subscribe to a frequent series of email surveys from YouGov. The surveys I get always include two pages asking “Of which of the following brands would you say you are a ‘Satisfied Customer’?” and another that puts the same string of words in front of “Dissatisfied Customer.”
“Satisfied” or “Dissatisfied” Customers: Tell Us Here

Each page includes icons for with 25 company names. I’ve been completing these surveys for about three years now and have never yet seen one that included the names of colleges or universities. Until this week. 
Mixed among the 25 brands included were 7 for-profit schools:
Idle speculation says these schools (1) just want to know what people who have enrolled in them think about the experience, (2) want to see how they compare with the other schools listed, and/or (3) are hoping for a good rating they can use in marketing campaigns.
If you’re interested in the for-profit sector of higher education, keep an eye open for news in the next few weeks that might come from this survey.
That’s all for now.

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