Inquiry responses… email recruiting since July 24

Email recruitment messages…. 6 new responses from 4 schools in the competition

If you’ve been following this series, you know that I made online inquiries in late June at six colleges and universities in New York and New England and have been reporting on the responses received. Since my last report on July 24 our now senior level student has received six new emails from four of the schools first contacted in June. Here’s what’s come along in the past month.
  • July 25: The fourth email from my “upstate private college” in New York arrived, with the name of the school right in the subject line. The message again is to visit campus. A nice touch: the email uses the student’s name at the start and the name of a real person in the admissions office at the end. If I can’t make it to one of the scheduled dates, there’s another click point to “plan your own visit on a day that’s convenient for you.” I’m starting to think these folk really want me to visit.
  • August 8: A second email from the “private college in Massachusetts” is here. This one includes the name of the student in the subject line and continues with the goal of getting me to visit this summer. A point of note: the same video used in the July 16 email is used again. The 3:19 length is a bit longer than needed, but the individual student and faculty bits are well done.
  • August 10: Finally! The first email from my “private college in Rhode Island” has arrived, over a month since the inquiry date. Yes, the goal is to get me to visit starting with a subject line that says “There’s still time to visit… this summer.” Maybe so, but elapsed time since June has eroded the possibilities. Note this: neither the student’s name at the start nor a person’s name at the end is used. And I can’t schedule a visit online. A phone call is required. The phone option is good, lack of an online choice is not.
  • August 15: My “most selective in the group” private university is back with a second invitation to join a chat room discussion. This one is slightly better than the first as it arrived the day before the chat rather than the same afternoon. That still seems just a bit late. How about 3 to 5 days in advance, then a same day reminder? No use of my name here and it was sent from “The Admissions Staff.”
  • August 21: A fifth email from the “upstate private college” in New York. The goal now is to get me to create a personal portal page. My name is in both the subject line and the salutation and the director of admission’s name closes it. A logistical challenge: the email includes a temporary user name and password. I can’t copy and paste both on the website. And they are a bit complicated to remember. Guess I’ll write one on paper and copy and paste the other.
  • August 22: A second email from the “private college in Rhode Island,” again with no personal names used at start or finish. Visiting campus remains the goal but from the effort put into the email I’m not getting the impression they really want me there.
To round things out, nothing has come since July 24 from either my private university in Connecticut or the public honors college in New York.
An Invitation from Emily at Simpson Scarborough
  • August 23: An invite arrived to participate in “a one-hour online discussion about your thoughts and opinions of colleges and
    universities, including some that you may be considering for your undergraduate
    education.” If I participate in one of two September sessions I’ll get a $40 Amazon gift card.
  • And yes, one of my schools is listed on the Simpson Scarborough client list.
What about print publications as an inquiry response?
Last month I promised a report on the print material received. That’s still forthcoming. Look for it sometime in September. The collection grows.
That’s all for now.

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