University of Phoenix… how to spend $614 million in advertising

Apollo Group (parent company for UPhoenix) ranks 62nd in AdAge Top 100 Advertisers

How do you parcel out your higher education advertising budget among various media?
Each year Advertising Age ranks the top 100 U.S. advertising spenders. The report is issued mid-year and repeated in December. This 2011 amount is up from $584.7 million in 2010. 
Here’s how the “measured media” spend (almost all of it for University of Phoenix) was divided:
  • Magazines… $3.7 million
  • Newspapers… $400,000
  • Outdoor… $6.7 million
  • TV… $59.3 million
  • Radio… $800,000
  • Internet… $91.5 million
Internet and TV dominate
For a university whose enrollment continues to trend toward online students, this distribution isn’t a surprise. Radio and newspapers have about vanished. We suspect other for-profit universities (and some not-for-profits as well) have deep advertising pockets but none made the Top 100 list.
To see on ad from the current TV series, take this trip through a corporate parking lot.
This campaign was developed by a new agency, Arnold Worldwide’s Boston office, after Apollo ended a three year relationship with its previous agency in San Francisco. AdAge wrote about the search in a May article last year.
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