Your Higher Education Marketing Newsletter… February 2013

Is it February already? If you are like me, 2013 is moving rapidly along and I
trust good things are happening as your marketing plans move forward this year.

The January update in my secret shopping series on email response to an
website inquiry is online now. Visit and follow the ongoing tale of the
ever-changing Fast-Forward Application deadline. 14 emails are reviewed at

The Call for Papers for
eduWeb2013 is open until February
. Details at

Gerry McGovern will host a
free webinar on February 7 to
review results from over 1,000 web professionals on what they believe are the
most important web management principles. Register at

My first conference
presentations this year are at the J.Boye Web and Intranet Conference in
Philadelphia in May, stating with a tutorial on building web management
consensus among developers, marketers, content specialists, and managers. More
on the tutorial and the entire conference at

Our 2-day conference on
Writing Write for the Web is in Boston this year, May 30-31. Details will be online later this

And now here are your higher education marketing news and notes
for February.
Endowments Flat in 2012: See Results from 833

Last year was not a good one for most higher education
endowments. And that will add to the financial pressure felt by colleges and
universities fighting in the tuition discount wars to maintain enrollments and
academic profiles. Above the $1 billion mark are 71 schools. Just 145 schools
are above the $500 million mark.

Endowment income, in other words, is not
going to provide serious budget support to very many colleges and universities.
Check to see how your endowment compares to those of your competitors among the
833 colleges and universities at
Responsive Design Websites: Pros and

Responsive design websites can help make your web content work
better as the number of people visiting on smartphones continues to increase.
But responsive design is not a magic cure for whatever ails your site,
particularly if your site suffers from great quantities of little-used

To help set realistic expectations, read “The pros and cons of
responsive Web design” from Mobile Commerce Daily at
Landing Pages: CUNY Does it Right

If you spend money on advertising
to bring people to a website, the landing page should repeat and reinforce the
message in the ad that motivated the move to the website. Sounds simple, but too
many ads still drop people on a regular website page. That is guaranteed to
reduce conversion. In other words, guaranteed to waste money.

University of New York ran a centerfold ad in the February 3 NTY Education Life
supplement that does not make that mistake. Visit the landing page at where you can
also download a PDF copy of the
Gates Foundation Report: Major
Overhaul of Financial Aid System

If people on your campus still do
not think that the wind is blowing higher education toward dramatic changes, add
a new report sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to their reading

Changes in Pell Grant duration and the amount that students and
parents can borrow are just two of the areas to read about in the report from
InsideHigherEd at

If you want to plunge right
into the full “Rebalancing Resources and Incentives in Federal Student Aid”
report at you can download a 41-page PDF at the
same location.
Advertising Online: A
New Opportunity from Facebook?

A new “Custom Audiences” feature from
Facebook will let organizations upload their CRM database and deliver ads
directly to anyone in the database with a Facebook account.

While the
devil always lurks in the details, including costs and privacy, this is a
promising feature that would let colleges and universities focus advertising
efforts directly to people in their inquiry pool who had not yet become

The service is not operational yet. Read more about it from
AdAge at
Marketing Follies: The PSAT January Contact Season

How far has direct
marketing advanced in higher education?

Not all that far if the deluge
of email arriving these last few weeks to the son of a friend in the direct
marketing business is any indication. Read his comments and my own about the 60
or so emails received from schools the son has never heard of, nearly all using
very similar marketing messages, at

Recruiting Geography: How Far From
Your Location?

If you are a regional public university or a private
sector college with limited brand recognition far from your campus in an area
where demographics do not work in your favor, you will not like results from the
latest annual survey of new college freshmen from UCLA.

Simply put, most
of today’s freshmen are little more inclined to travel far to attend college now
than in 1972 or at any time since then. Many want to stay within 50 miles of
home and for many others 100 miles is the limit. Unless you have a strong brand
reputation and attract more affluent students the 30 percent willing to travel
over 500 miles are not likely coming to your campus.

For more on changes
over time, check the chart at

Net Price Calculators: More Complex
than Necessary?

Publicity for net price calculators increased when
the New York Times ran a January story highlighting the challenges people face
in using them: a wide variety of forms requiring different information producing
different results. The impact: many people start the forms without finishing
them and others do not trust the net cost received.

The article mentions
in passing another major drawback: many net price calculators are hidden away
where they likely will not be found. I still suspect that is the desired result
at some colleges and universities. The NYT article is at

The Institute for College
Access and Success reported last fall on a random study of 50 net price
calculators, with questions numbering from 8 to 70. Two, at Grinnell College and
Milliken University, were cited as especially easy to find. Only one, at
University of Tulsa, received praise for featuring the true net price as the
most visible number on the results page.

Download the Institute report
at and see how your calculator
Law School Applications:
20 Percent Decrease from 2012

All but a handful of law schools around
the country are expecting a second year of serious application decreases.
Expensive tuition combined with poor job prospects and high student debt are
fueling an ongoing decline that is expected to shrink students, faculty and
staff at many schools and close some.

The New York Times reports the
University of Illinois law school is discounting tuition to maintain enrollment.
More details in the NYT story at

Jakob Nielsen Alertbox: The Perils
of Auto-Rotating Images

Jakob Nielsen is out with a new Alertbox
report warning of the dangers of auto-rotating images on the home page. Nielsen
recommends putting visitors in control by letting them view a single image as
long as they want.

Nielsen details the negative impact of auto-rotation

Most Popular Topic Last Month:
Video Introducing New UCal Logo

Introducing a new logo is always a
challenge and this video did not help. Most popular topic last month was a
University of California video dismissively brushing aside the old image at

Conferences and Webinars in

Look for presentation details in the February

May 7-9, Philadelphia: “5 Top Web Management Principles:
Achieving Consensus within Your Organization” and “Winning Friends at Your
Website: Use Top Task Design for a Great Experience,” J.Boye Web and Intranet
conference. Program and registration starts at

May 30-31,
Boston: “Writing Right for the Web: Improving Your Institution’s Web Content,”
Academic Impressions Conference. Details will be online soon.

June 25,
Webinar: “Recruiting Adult Students: Top Website Features to Increase
Enrollment,” Academic Impressions. Description and registration will be
available later in February.

Also plan to attend one or more of my
favorites… ACT Enrollment Planners Conference in July, and/or eduWeb Conference
also in July.

Expand the marketing skills of people on your campus. Host
a campus workshop on any of my conference presentation topics or “Writing Right
for The Web.” Scan the presentation topics at

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