Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Eastern Washington University

Competitive Tuition Costs… A Rare Example from Eastern Washington University

If you have a cost advantage over other public universities in your state, why not highlight that advantage on your website? Makes marketing sense and yet you don’t see that happening very often in higher education, even in these times of increasing price sensitivity.
Eastern Washington is one of the rare examples of a university that does not hold back from making sure people know that the cost of an EWU bachelor’s degree is less than the cost at other Washington universities. Included in a comparison chart that you can’t miss when the “Costs and Fees” page opens:
  • In-state Tuition and Fees
  • Books
  • Room & Board
  • Total Cost
  • Four-Year Savings When You Choose EWU
Depending on the competition, annual savings can range from just $4,572 to over $20,000 at four other state universities.
For an unusual example of cost comparison in higher education, visit the Eastern Washington University “Costs and Fees” page.
Bob Johnson
P.S. Yes, my website content editor is still broken so the Link of the Week is on the blog for a second week. Every expectation that we’ll have a new editor in place this week.

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