Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Capella University

Marketing Power on the Home Page… Advance Your Career

Nearly 10 years ago the Customer Carewords partnership did a survey of students looking to attend an MBA program at an elite university… the top task those students wanted to complete was leaning how that MBA program could help them advance their careers.
Since that research I’ve never seen anything to suggest that “advance your career” is not a primary motivation for most adult students returning for a degree. Many universities would agree but I’ve never seen one use that knowledge in as striking a fashion as Capella University… the home page opens with a very large “Advance Your Career” banner that’s simply impossible to miss. 
Advance Your Career + Areas to Study + Cost Calculator
When your eyes do roam from the “Advance Your Career” heading you’ll see large links to 5 primary areas of study. That’s another top task for potential students.
And while it isn’t as prominent, if you follow the link to Tuition and Financial Aid you’ll see a link to a net cost calculator. As a top task, learning about cost is higher now than it has ever been before.
For a home page with an usually strong focus on student recruitment marketing, visit the Capella University example.
New Webinar on Adult Student Recruitment
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