Your Higher Education Marketing Newsletter… May 2013

May greetings to everyone. We finally have spring in Michigan and I hope you are
all enjoying something similar wherever you are.

I am on my way today to
the J.Boye Web and Intranet Conference in Philadelphia where I will be doing
sessions on web management, top task website design, and the role of speed in
creating effective websites for the mobile world. Check the sessions at and follow us on Twitter starting
Tuesday at #jboye13

Registration discount for Writing Right for the Web
in Boston May 30-31 lasts until May 10. Act now at and join us for facts, fun, and a
better website.

The ACT Enrollment Planners Conference always is a great
gathering for people with a special interest in enrollment management and
marketing. If that sounds like you, plan to join us July 10-12 in Chicago.
Descriptions of the pre-conference sessions including mine on online advertising
are at

July 29-31 are the dates
for the 2013 eduWeb Conference. Check the full schedule starting with
pre-conference workshops at

And now here are your
marketing news and notes for May.
University of Leiden: 500 Universities Ranked
for Strength in Science

Based on scientific publications and the
university affiliations of their authors, the Center for Science and Technology
Studies has ranked 500 universities around the world for strength in the
sciences. You can review overall rankings as well as 5 divisions within the
sciences. You can sort by region and country if you wish.

Overall, MIT is
first, University of Melbourne is 100, Joseph Fourier University is 200, Kansas
State is 300, University Modena is 400, and Ankara University is 500. See where
your university fits at

Are You a Marketer? Do You Want to
Get Fired?

When it comes to web analytics, Avinash Kaushik is a
genuine guru in a world where that term is used far too loosely. It is well
worth the time to review why he believes marketers with an inordinate belief in
“Eight Silly Data Myths” will get themselves fired.

You start with “real
time data” and end with “demographics and psychographics” but do not skip the 6
points in between those. Protect your job. Start reading at

Infographic: Major Players in the
Tangled MOOC University

If you have any interest in how MOOCs might
impact the future of higher education you have to see this infographic from The
Chronicle of Higher Education.

Venture capitalists, universities,
corporations, non-profit foundations and more are all playing in this game. Get
insight into how it all fits together at

Secret to Marketing Success: First
Focus on Helping the Converted, Not Making New Converts

Everyone with
enrollment or annual fund goals should read Gerry McGovern’s latest column: From
Conversions to Task Completions at

The bottom line is this:
people come to your website to do something they already have in mind. Focus
your content on helping people do the tasks they came to your site to do.
Applications and enrollment will increase. Annual fund contributions will rise.
Count on it.
Decreasing Summer Melt:
What Works Best with Low-Income Students?

Here is a fascinating
article in Harvard Business Review reporting the results of research on how to
best decrease the summer melt of low-income students accepted to a

The answer: a text messaging program had a higher positive
impact than a peer mentor program in some areas. In every area the cost of a
text messaging program was far less than a mentor program. Check the details at and think about adjustments in your
final conversion efforts.
Speed: Can it ever be Too Fast?

The answer is no. Google knows that.
Amazon knows that. More people in higher education should pay more attention to
the need for speed, particularly when making plans to use responsive design to
convert desktop websites to the mobile world.

If you need help convincing
people on your campus to make speed a priority, read and distribute “Why You
Need a Seriously Fast Website” at

Net Price Calculator: On the Home
Page at Truman State University

Schools that dare to put a link to
the Net Price Calculator in prominent position on the home page truly are rare.
And so recognition to Truman State for having the marketing sense to facilitate
a top task of many potential students and many of their parents at

Truman joins only two
others I have seen so far who dare to be different: University of Delaware and
Lynn University. If I missed you, let me know. Help me start another Honor
Facebook and Enrollment

How much can Facebook help increase inquiries, applications
and enrollment conversions?

Jens Larson has researched in depth just how
that works at Eastern Washington University. The short answer: not as much as
you might think. But in other ways, Facebook has been a valuable marketing tool.
One person’s in-depth look at his own university results should help others
refine their social media efforts to build enrollment.

Find more on how
what to expect and what not to expect from Facebook at

Parents and Price in Student

When I analyzed responses from 6 colleges and
universities in my secret shopping project from June 2012 to last February, two
missing elements were a surprise. No school sent an online communication to
parents until well after Labor Day. And none made any contact related to cost
before October.

Read more about how you can gain competitive advantage
by recognizing that cost is important to many parents. Start a parents
communication program that takes advantage of price interest right from the time
of first inquiry. More at

University VP for Marketing and Communication

If you are a “dynamic,
innovative and visionary” person with the right skill set and experience in
“marketing, communication, and branding strategies” you might be interested in
this position. For more details check the posting at

Most Popular Topic Last Month:
IPEDS Competitive Intelligence Ratings

Smart work by Jon Boeckenstedt
at DePaul University with IPEDs data gives everyone a chance to enter up to 8
schools at a time and compare admission and graduation rates, ethnic diversity,
endowment, and Pell Grant enrollment percent.

Check on your competitors

Conferences and Webinars in

May 7-9, Philadelphia: “5 Top Web Management Principles:
Achieving Consensus within Your Organization” and “Winning Friends at Your
Website: Use Top Task Design for a Great Experience,”
J.Boye Web and
Intranet conference. Program and registration starts at

May 30-31,
Boston: “Writing Right for the Web: Improving Your Institution’s Web Content,”
Academic Impressions Conference. Details are online at

June 25, Webinar:
“Improving Your Website to Increase Adult Student Enrollment,” Academic
Impressions. Description and registration are online now at

July 10-12, Chicago:
“Advertising Online for Student Recruitment” pre-conference workshop and
“Increasing Conversion: The Best (and Not So Best) Email Marketing Plans,” ACT
Enrollment Planners Conference. Workshop details are at

July 29-31, Boston:
“Advertising Online” workshop and, with David Marshall, “An Admissions First
Mobile Site,” eduWeb 2013. See all the sessions at

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