Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Old Dominion University: Home Page for Online Programs

Online Programs Available: Just One Link to Top Task Completion

For students of any age or degree interest, finding out what degree programs a university offers is always a top task. More often than not, it is the first top task that potential students want to complete on a university website.
The home page for online programs at Old Dominion University stands out for the “can’t miss” position it gives to that top task, unhindered by marketing-speak content that too often puts speed bumps on the journey to top task completion.
As soon as the page opens in a large screen view, it is impossible to miss the list of 5 available program types:
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programs
  • Master’s Degree Programs
  • Doctorate and Ed Specialist Programs
  • Licensure/Endorsement Programs
  • Certificate Programs
One click brings you to an easy-to-scan alpha list of everything available in a category. One more click and you’ll be at the description of the program that interests you.
On mobile, the page receives Google PageSpeed Insight scores similar to most other higher education pages: A weak 65/100 for Speed and a strong 96/100 for User Experience. (Rumors abound that Google will soon increase the weight given to Speed performance in mobile SEO rankings. Speed counts.)
To experience a quick and simple path to top task completion for potential online students, visit the Old Dominion University ODUOnline page.
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