Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Full Sail University: Easy to Scan Program Requirements… 22 July

12 Courses in 12 Months: Easy to Scan Program Requirements

Students planning to enroll in online programs want to know what courses they will take to earn a degree or certificate. Today’s Link of the Week makes that especially easy to do.

At Full Sail University you can earn in Master’s degree by completing one course a month for 12 months. Our Link of the Week page lets visitors scan the titles of each course in less than 5 seconds as a laptop or desktop screen opens. You can then click immediately on a course that interests you to see a description of the course.

Mobile visitors will see the first two courses with just a short scroll required to scan the remaining ones.

On mobile, the 57/100 Speed rating on Google PageSpeed Insights is slow despite the simplicity of the page. Google puts the blame on slow server response time. User Experience rating is a robust 99/100.

To review a strong example of how potential students can easily review the courses required for a degree, visit this Full Sail University Course Schedule page.

Original Link of the Week Page

Regular readers will notice that we are again posting a Link of the Week selection within the blog. I’ve decided to continue posting new Link selections here. Each week’s description is available to future visitors and the blog is searchable.

To review earlier selections for 2016 and previous years, visit the Link of the Week Archive page.

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