Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Full Sail University: Academic Program Choices… 26 August 2016

Super Fast Mobile Home Page Features Academic Program Choices


What makes a university home page earn a “super fast” designation for display time on a smartphone? A score of 92/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights. That is the only home page I’ve ever tested that scored 80 or higher.

On mobile, and everywhere else, every second counts with impatient web visitors.

Of course, speed without content that speaks to the top tasks of potential students is not an effective marketing combination. The Full Sail home page passes that test as well:

  • A horizontal array of 8 major academic program areas is immediately visible on a large screen in less than 5 seconds when the home page opens. On a smartphone, you’ll see the first two areas and easily scroll to the others.
  • Clicking on your area of interest brings a list of the specific programs in each area.
  • You can move on in seconds to an individual program of special interest.

Mobile “Experience” Also High

On mobile, the User Experience rating is high as well: 99/100. Unlike the speed rating, most college and university website win a 90+ User Experience rating.

For more on the Speed result, put the Full Sail home page URL into Google PageSpeed Insights and check the “8 Passed Rules.” No site is perfect so also note the 2 “Consider Fixing” points. And then, of course, compare the results with your home page.

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