Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Whitworth University: Affordability and Value… 12 August

Higher Ed Content with Marketing Value: A Detailed Affordability Site

Although potential students and their families are interested in web content that speaks to the affordability of earning a college degree, “affordability” content is still not easy to find. Claims to “affordability” are not uncommon but details are elusive.

Today’s Link of the Week at Whitworth University shows that Whitworth is not afraid of presenting cost-related content to show the value of attending a private sector university early in the recruitment cycle.

“Spend Less. Get More”

The Whitworth page starts with a simple heading; “Spend Less. Get More,” is visible immediately as the page opens. So too is a chart showing the number of students who enroll at various income levels in 4 clusters that start at “Under $50,000” (26%) and peak at “Over $150,000 (21%). That’s a quick and simple way to show economic diversity.

Scroll down the page to find 9 headings before arriving at calls to action:

  • US News ratings for best values in Western school. (Whitworth is #3 of the 15 listed.)
  • Sticker price cost compared to the average of Top 15 Regional Western universities. Just a little less at about $49,000 per year.
  • An “average” financial aid award “of any type” that lowers cost to $33,600.
  • Financial aid components, most of which is in scholarships and grants.
  • Percent of Whitworth students who graduate in 4 years: 85% or much higher than public and private university averages.
  • Up to 20 credits available in January terms at no extra cost.
  • An average debt level of about $26K and a low 3.8% default rate.
  • Links to the net cost calculator and the 9 to 12 month no-interest payment plan.
  • After graduation employment stats of over 90%.

At the end of the page you’ll find a CTA to apply for admission, visit, see majors offered, and to “Experience the Whitworth Difference.” If you just want to make an inquiry at this point you’ll have to find the small link to that (long and detailed) form back at the top of the page.

On mobile, the page follows the usual Good PageSpeed Insight pattern: a relatively low 62/100 for Speed and a 99/100 for User Experience.

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Review the Whitworth approach to “affordability & value” (words used in the title tag and URL) when you visit to explore how you can “Spend Less. Get More.”

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