Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Illinois: Parents Resources… 19 August

Parents Site Gives Dominant Position to 5 “Popular Parents Resources”

Today we feature one of the rare websites for parents that gives dominant position to a small selection of links representing priority content for parents.

As this page opens, you will not see any of the usual long text introductions that dominate most higher education websites for parents. You will not even see a photo of smiling parents and their children. Instead, you will in just 1 or 2 seconds see these 5 links:


  • Campus Safety
  • Pay My Bill
  • Parent and Family Programs
  • Inclusive Illinois
  • Undergraduate Admissions

How many sites for parents have you seen that start with information about “Campus Safety”?

The design used here is perfect for top task use. Are all of these 5 links top tasks? Perhaps not. I’d wager that the content behind “Inclusive Illinois” is not a top task for most people. First step: check the analytics to see which of the links is most often used by visitors to the page. A second step would be a formal task research project among parents. And I’d bet that “Campus Safety” and “Pay My Bill” wold both be high on the list.

Google PageSpeed Insights Results

On mobile, we have the usual Google PageSpeed Insights result for Speed (a weak 66/100) and a higher-than-usual 100/100 for User Experience.

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To see a unique approach to website design for parents, visit the University of Illinois website for Popular Parents Resources.

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