Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Regis University: Online Student Recruitment… 21 October

3 Personal Motivational Topics at Entry Page for Online Students


Most higher education websites don’t do an especially good job of connecting on a personal level with potential students searching the site. Today’s Link of the Week differs from most others in two important ways:

  • Generous use of the “you” word in an informal writing style that starts in a heading as the page opens and speaks directly to a concern of many “adult” students: “Continuing your education without putting your life on hold.”
  • Motivational options that let potential students move along to content focused on their primary reason for returning to school:.

The 3 motivational options you’ll seen in large blocks appear under the heading “Everyone has a reason for going back to school. What’s driving you?”

  • To Fulfill My Passions
  • To Advance My Career Path
  • To Earn a Bigger Paycheck

This truly is one of the rare times that a college or university admits that simply earning more money is a motivation worth recognizing.

On Mobile

Google PageSpeed Insights reports that smartphone visitors will experience a slow download Speed (41/100) followed by a high User Experience (99/100).

Follow the Link of the Week

See the content that appears after each motivational topic when you visit the Regis University entry page for Degrees and Programs for Working Adults.

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