Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… College of Saint Mary: Tuition Reduction… 18 November

Skipping the “Reset” Euphemism, A College Announces a “Tuition Reduction”

College of Saint Mary Link of the Week

College of Saint Mary home page

Throughout the United States over the past few years a small number of private-sector colleges and universities have decided to withdraw from the tuition discount race to lower actual net cost to students in favor of a substantial reduction in the tuition list price.

Most schools doing this have been reluctant, perhaps even afraid, of describing this move in public as “cutting” or “reducing” tuition. Often the change is called a “reset” to a lower level.

Today’s Link of the Week selection caught my attention because of the big and bold announcement of the change on the home page as “We’re Reducing Tuition” with a link you cannot miss to a page that explains the details, including a video from the president of the college and an ad featuring students.

The college does make clear that enrollment is not a problem, with full-time enrollment as high as it has ever been. I have not had a chance to seek out the tuition discount rate before the change and that is not mentioned on the website.

Many higher education professionals complain that too many people do not understand that the official sticker price is not what they will have to pay at most private colleges and universities. Too many of those same schools fail to provide strong “affordability” content that lets potential students know just what the net price might be.

In that context, lowering tuition makes great good sense for many schools. The College of Saint Mary deserves special praise for describing the change as clear as possible right from the start… “We’re Reducing Tuition”.

On Mobile

Alas, the College of Saint Mary home page scores a low 43/100 for Speed on Google PageSpeed Insight and a lower than normal 90/100 for User Experience.

Once the home page does download, the tuition reduction message is prominent but not as bold as when viewed from a large screen device.

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