Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… William & Mary University: Visible Link Paths… 4 November

Making Website Life Easier for Faculty & Staff and Students

That’s been the result of every CCI (Customer Centric Index) satisfaction survey that we’ve done with faculty over the past 10 years. The primary reason has always been the same: confusing menus and links make it difficult for people to find and complete their top tasks on a website.

William & Mary may have the solution in the highly visible link paths that start on the “myWM” page. Just below entry points to Banner and Blackboard are 12 links that likely are of use to both faculty and students.

Just to the right of those 12 links are large “you can’t miss this” boxes leading to “Faculty & Staff Links” and “Student Links.”

High Visibility for Key Link Collections

Faculty and staff can follow their path to a page with links grouped under 7 headings:

  • Academics & Research
  • Working at W&M
  • Technology
  • Campus Services
  • Professional Organizations
  • Wellness & Safety
  • News & Events

Current students have 9 headings. Some duplicate those for faculty & staff, some are unique. All promise an easier pathway to task completion.

If you were doing a top task research project, most of the links you’ll find here would be included in the survey to sort out the top 3 to 5 that always exist from the rest. Those could appear at the top of the faculty & staff and student pages, above the rest for even faster access. Meantime, this is a fine alternative.

On Mobile

On Google PageSpeed Insights, the page receives a relatively high 71/100 for Speed and a strong 98/100 for User Experience. The mobile site skips the rotating photos that open the large screen version. Those images contribute to an unusually low 63/100 “Desktop” score. Removing them would position the key links even higher on the page.

Follow the Link of the Week

To review a strong presentation of the links that make website life easier for faculty & staff and current students, visit the William & Mary “myWM” page at

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Regular readers will notice that we are again posting a Link of the Week selection within the blog. I’ve decided to continue posting new Link selections here. Each week’s description is available to future visitors and the blog is searchable.

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