Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Hamilton College: Admissions Essays… 16 December

Content Marketing: Helping Potential Students Write Admissions Essays

img_1222Marketing as part of content strategy is the creation of content that a potential audience will actually want to visit your website and use. Often however, content strategy efforts produce little more than traditional marketing messages recycled under a new name to deliver content of little practical use to anyone.

Today’s Link of the Week, on the other hand, leads to content that is likely of high interest to high school students (and their parents) interested in attending the college that created it. And perhaps to anyone applying to a similar institution as well. The lure here is a collection of admissions essays sent to Hamilton by students that actually were admitted and enrolled.

Does it work as content that interests visitors?

Tim O’Keefe, senior director of interactive media at Hamilton, tells me that the average time visitors spend on this long page is 5:38 minutes (and 6:11 minutes for people who visit from a smartphone). I’d say that works. And it also proves that people do read website content if it is something that might be of value to them. Not everything in “Writing Right for the Web” has to be brief.

On Mobile

Google gives this page an overall “mobile-friendly” rating, but just a 63/100 for “Speed.”

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To read practical content that engages potential students, visit “Essays that Worked” at Hamilton College.

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