Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Calvin College: Career Prep Scholarship… 13 January

Career Prep: 4-Year Program + $3,000 Scholarship in Senior Year

Back in 2013 a survey of college students reported that many if not most were not happy with traditional career services programs that focused on resume preparation and interview skills. More often than not, students had no contact with a career services office until their senior year.

Today’s Link of the Week introduces a new career exploration and preparation program (ready for freshmen entering in 2017) that starts in the freshman year and continues each year through graduation. The program is optional. An incentive to start and continue is a $3,000 senior year scholarship if a student participates for all four years.

The opening web page introduces four key elements to the program:

  • Vocation
  • Career Readiness
  • Financial Literacy and Life Skills
  • Leadership Development

A “career coach” is available from the first year to the last together with “in-person and online workshops.” Help in finding internships that match student interests is included.

Links you can’t miss lead to easy-to-scan highlights for each year of the program

For those who start and persist, Calvin calls the $3,000 scholarship an “early graduation present.”

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